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Meet Dan Molloy

"All we have is our ability to communicate."

Dan Molloy

Molloy Sales Dev. Group



Dan Molloy is a Disrupter.


Founder and CEO of the Molloy Sales Development Group (based in northern New Jersey), and a motivational speaker and sales trainer, Molloy’s philosophy in helping clients grow is NOT about teaching them how to sell tires or propane gas or dental services or insurance.

According to Molloy, “Producing results in business and in life is not what most people think.”  He gently gets into the face of his audience and challenges each individual to take a personal journey to develop their ‘full personal power.’


In his presentations, his goal is to show each individual in the audience the source of this personal power – how to access it, how to practice it, and how to generate it on demand.

In working with a national clientele in a range of different industries, and speaking before various audiences at events around the country, Molloy follows the “Language of Commitment™,” his trademark program that focuses a new light on the act of interpersonal communication. 

“Language and communication are the foundation of our lives,” Molloy says.  “Language helps create a clear vision at work for employees and customers – and at home with family members. We invent our lives, families, communities and companies with language. Unless a sales person, or a manager, or a parent is skilled and competent with the use of his or her personal power, it’s hard to produce excellence in business and life.”

Molloy, who is also a world class athlete (competing internationally as a member of Team USA Triathlon) and a singer (having appeared on The Today Show and The David Letterman Show), is presently booking speaking engagements before various business organizations throughout northern New Jersey. In his 20-minute presentation, he spreads the gospel about how embracing the “Language of Commitment” can make an appreciable difference for an organization in any industry. Let me know if you would be interested in having him speak before your group.





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