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"I first heard Dan Molloy speak of the Language of Commitment nearly three years ago during a webinar sponsored by Tire Business. Dan’s unique and thoughtful message was one that impressed me and hundreds on the call immediately with its ability to inspire the confidence and skill badly lacking in our industry today.
Several months later, Dan and I were guest speakers at another Tire Business event, and I saw the power in his message and the passion of his delivery in person. It was then that our relationship developed even further. I was proud to invite Dan to present the Language of Commitment to our franchise dealers at our 2017 Tire Pros Dealer Conference, and since, many of our franchisees have partnered with Dan and his team to transform and differentiate their businesses in ways no relationship had done before."
Dan has a message and a passion that is unique to this industry. It’s made him both a valuable partner and friend to our program. Don’t miss the opportunity to hire Dan when the opportunity presents itself – you won’t regret it.


Bob Bittner

VP Franchise Development - Tire Pros

“Dan has provided us with new distinctions and has motivated us to achieve way more than we thought we could. We have grown nearly 40% in only 18 months and have transformed our company into a commitment based operation. We are beyond excited about the future. We are all in with Uncle Dan.

Danny Smith

Owner - Same Day Automotive

"Dan has inspired us to go beyond anything we thought we could achieve as a company. He motivated me and provided the direction for me to turn the company completely around in a short period of time. Dan, introduced me to a new world of communication, it’s been really eye opening. We’ve created an educational, illuminating and wonderful partnership."

Pat Smith

Owner - Pat’s Tire and Automotive Tire Pros, OKC, OK

“Dan Molloy has been a wake up call for us. He’s motivated us to learn about communication and we have discovered a new world. We have improved our business in a big way as a result of our relationship with Dan.”

Keith Tucker

Owner - Triple T - Tire, Dyersburg, TN

"When Dan speaks our staff listens and they are empowered to new levels of confidence and performance. We are thrilled to be working with Dan”

James Baxter

GM/Owner - Neighborhood Tire Pros, Atlanta GA

“Dan from the moment I met him, over 12 years ago now, became an inspirational and motivating force in my life."
"Dan can speak to anyone, he taught me not just to talk to people, he taught me and many others how to speak to people, to win them, to earn their trust quickly, effectively and lastingly. He has made an enormous impact on how I address people and situations."

Kurt Eades

Senior Logistics Analyst - CANA Advisors

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